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Covid 19

While we have taken steps to prepare our staff and community, we need your help to minimize any potential spread and exposure to this virus.


Please continue to observe appropriate infection control practices such as:

●Washing your hands;
●Covering your cough and sneezes; 
●Maintaining an appropriate social distance of at least six (6)feet;

●Not shaking hands or otherwise having physical contact with others;
●If you are ill or feeling under the weather, please self-quarantine immediately.

Protecting the well being of our residents and staff, remains our highest priority.

While we strive to provide up to date information on our Website, that isn't always possible.

For the most up to date information on potential quarantine and mask policies, please inquire with administration.

 Thank you for your patience, support and prayers during this time.

Please contact Shaire with any questions (828) 728-6500.

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