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Kay's Heart

Kay Haire, Co-Founder

          With all the crazy mess going on this time of the year - the shopping, the crowds, the gift wrapping - things are WILD! Everyone is looking for the perfect gift. We hurry and then we hurry some more. Sometimes I just want to say "Time Out"!! Let's take a BIG time out!!
*I've got to confess, it used to really bother me to see all the commercials of Christ's birth and all the things in the stores which have not one thing to do with Christmas. But one day it dawned on me, whether people realize it or not, they are celebrating. 
*Celebrating with lights that represents the star that appeared in Bethlehem. The Christmas tree represents the cross. Even Santa's suit- the red represents Jesus's blood and the white represents our sins being washed white as snow.
*So when I began looking at decorations that way, I had to smile, because everyone is celebrating our Savior's birth whether they realize it or not. 
*So this year, when you are walking through the mall or through Wal-Mart, smile and ask, "How beautiful all this is for Jesus?" A baby's birth! Jesus Christ changed everything. His birth and him changed the world and changed us!

*Merry Christmas from my heart to each of your hearts! I pray this will be the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER spent with the people you love.


 What has God Done?

If God has done anything good for us ever in our lives we need to tell others about it. We should never keep it to ourselves. Maybe He protected us from an accident or maybe, He was just there for us to talk to when we were lonely. If He’s been good to us in anyway, then we need to sing His praises and tell others. Everyone should know, and needs to know just how great He is and just how much He loves then, Guess what, we all should be the person to tell it.

Have you ever seen a commercial for a new movie and thought maybe you would like to see it, but then a friend goes to see the movie and comes back to tell you all about it. That friend telling you about the movie is so much better than the movie advertisement. Well we are Gods advertisement if we tell other people about what God has done in our lives they will want to see for themselves just how good He really is.  Can we do less than share with others what He has done?

Seven Ways to Love Your Mother John 19:26-27

Jesus on the cross, bearing the weight of the sins of the whole world on His shoulders yet He sees to it to make sure His mother is taken care of after He is gone.  He is showing all of us today how important it is to take care and love mothers.  If your mother is still alive regardless of your mother's age or your age you can lover her in these 7 ways

1-Love her Verbally: Men have the philosophy "I don't have to say I love You, you already know." That may be true but a woman, especially a mother needs to hear the words I Love you

2- Love her Physically: When is the last time you gave your mom a big hug or a kiss on the cheek? She's the first person who ever touched you.  She changed your diapers, potty trained you, wiped food off your face.  She deserves your hugs and kisses.

3-Love her patiently: Mothers have an incredible job with no pay.  No position in the business world compares to physical emotional and spiritual commitment she has in motherhood.

4-Love her Attentively: Mothers listen with their hearts.  She has a sympathetic eye and always will be on your side.  And sometimes its your turn to listen and be her "Rock". It's pay back time.

5-Love her Generously: There's nothing too good for her. We could never repay her, but we ought to die trying before she does.  Remember she didn't spend on herself unless your needs were met first.

6-Love her Gratefully:

She needs a sincere 'Thank You" and not just today but from a genuinely thankful heart when she least expects it.

7-Love her Honorably: Exodus 20:12 honor thy Father and Mother that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.

There is a bonding as long as your mom lives.  If the husband is the head of the home then the mother is the heart.  Give yourself a great present and and tell your mother you love her!

The 2 C’S of Christmas

What is the 2 C’s of Christmas? Santa Claus and Jesus Christ!

With Santa he appears everywhere in the stores, malls and even in our churches. People will stop whatever they are doing just so they can take their children to sit on Santa’s lap to say” Hi and smile”.  Children giggle and tell him their wishes, eyes filled with excitement. It’s a magical moment, being a Santa. I think it carries a great responsibility and I think in some ways it is a privilege to be a Santa. He brings a lot of joy to each child who thinks he is a hero with a white beard wearing a red suit. I was thinking the other day how important Santa is to kids this time of the year and how important kids are to Santa. 

As I was praying the Holy Spirit spoke into my heart.   “Each one of Gods children is important to him not only this time of year but each and every day. You are to be the light of the world. Your smile, your greeting, your listening ear, your caring heart and your presence is always very much needed by all the people around you. Everywhere you go you represent Jesus Christ, my son.” That’s what it means for you and I to be ambassadors for Christ to everyone we meet.

Unlike the man who wears the Santa suit for one month and takes it off each day we are wearing a Jesus suit 24 hours a day. If only we could live that way as if we are walking around in a Jesus Christ suit would you be compelled to take the time to give people the blessings from God that they need.  A Savior has been born He is Christ the Lord. His love is for each and every one of us. The Bible says every knee shall bow (even Santa) Jesus came to change the world; Jesus came to change each of us. God’s greatest gift is his son; our savior, please  precious gift.

Merry Christmas! 


Happy Thanksgiving,

This is the season of Harvest and Blessings, so it’s easy to allow the overflow of the beautiful goodness all around to just bubble up inside and come out in a thankful prayer. A lot of us claim to pray especially when we are up against the wall, but many of us don’t really understand the power of prayer to deliver us from temptation. Prayer makes a real difference in our lives. It enables us to shut out all the distractions of the World and lift the petitions of our heart to God. And that’s where we can leave them, in His Hands. Then after we pray, all we must do is believe. Sometimes that’s easier said than done. When my faith gets low, I remind myself one hundred times a day that God is able to keep what I entrust to Him. At all times we must believe, then keep on believing some more. God will come through. How can we be sure? Because our belief is based upon His might, not our own ability to stand strong. Prayer blesses God, but it also serves to encourage us. How? Prayer builds hope where there was despair. Any time we are in trouble, we can ask for God’s help. He will give us peace where there was confusion, but we must be honest with ourselves and with the Lord. The thing about thankful prayers is that we don’t have to wait until we’re hard pressed to call out to God. We can lift a prayer of thanksgiving to him right now for all the wonderful things He has done. Prayer is best when it comes from our hearts. God has it covered. He can be trusted and He is worthy of our praise. The Lord is touched by our prayers and He cares. Let’s offer our love to God this November. Let’s declare His faithfulness in the morning and at night, this Thanksgiving season and all year long. God is more wonderful than our hearts can imagine. Let’s praise Him for who He is and who we are in His presence.


October 2020

This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it. This is one my favorite Bible verses. If we stop and let these words sink in, God made this day, ordained this day, designed this day. God isn’t on vacation; He still occupies the universe’s only throne. Each day emerge from God’s drawing room. Whatever the day brings, if it starts out badly we need to change our view and imitate the resolve of Psalmist: “I will rejoice and be glad in it” Lots of times we say we will rejoice when this day is over, but I don’t know about rejoicing in it this day. But God invites us to be happy while we are in the day. Paul rejoiced in prison, David wrote psalms in the wilderness, Jonah prayed in the belly of a whale, and Jesus prayed in the garden. Could we rejoice smack-dab in the midst of our day, imagine the difference if we could? Suppose neck deep in a terrible, horrible, no good, bad day we resolve to give it a chance. We would trust more, stress less, and amplify gratitude. Before long, the day is done and surprisingly turns out decent. So decent, in fact, that we resolve to give the next day the same fighting chance. Giving the day a chance works, each day holds: 84,000 heart beats, 1,440 minutes, a complete rotation of the earth, a circle in the sun dial, both a sunrise and sunset, a brand spanking new unsoiled, untouchable, uncharted and un-used day, a gift of 24 unlived hours. It’s our choice: Rejoice or Not. We no longer have yesterday. It slipped away as we slept. It is gone. We can’t change, alter or improve it. In a hour glass sand won’t flow upward; the second hand of the clock refuses to click backward. We do not yet have tomorrow; we can’t spend tomorrow’s money, celebrate tomorrow’s victories, or solve tomorrow’s problems. We have only today. This is the day the Lord has made. We must be present to experiment it, to enjoy it. Let’s not pile today up with yesterdays regrets or the troubles. We sabotage our day wiring it for disaster, struggling along yesterdays troubles, down loading tomorrow with challenges, and remorse of the past, with anxiety over the future. We aren’t giving the day we’re in a chance ~ Here’s my proposal: First thing in the morning consult Jesus. The Ancient of Days has something to say about our days. He doesn’t use the term day very often in the Scriptures but the few times He doesn’t use the term day very often in the Scriptures but the few times He does use it, it provides a formula for up grading each of our days to blue ribbon status. This is the day the Lord has made we will rejoice and be glad in it. It’s entirely our choice!



September 2020

Each Day”


Each day has 1,440 minutes. Do we value our relationship with God enough to spend a few of those minutes with Him? He deserves at least that much of our time and more. The question is He receiving it from us? Hopefully so, but if we find that we are simply “too busy” for a daily chat with our Father in Heaven, it’s time to take a long hard look at our priorities and our plans for the day ahead. Here’s a tip, organize your life around this simple principle, “God first”. If we place our creator where He belongs, at the very center of our day and our life, the rest of our priorities will fall into place. Each new day is a gift from God and if we are wise we will spend a quiet moment each morning thanking the Giver, our Father God.

Daily life is woven together each morning with the threads of habit and no habit is more important to our spiritual health than the discipline of daily prayer and devotion to God. When we begin each day with our heads lowered and our hearts lifted we are reminded of God’s love, His protection and His commandments. We can align our priorities for the coming day with God’s help, if we have acquired the unfortunate habit of trying to “squeeze” God into the corners of our life. It’s time to reshuffle the items on our do list by placing God first. God wants our undivided attention not the leftover of our day. If we haven’t already done so we need to form the habit of spending quality time with our Father. He deserves it and we all need it.


    Gap Standers    

 Ezekiel 22:30 I looked for a man among them who would build the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land, so I would not have to destroy it, but I found none.

            This is a sad verse because Jerusalem was in a sad and horrible state, as America is too. The Lord was saying through his prophet, Ezekiel, that he was searching for someone to intercede for Jerusalem and do what was necessary for Jerusalem’s salvation. The word salvation means the act of saving or protection from harm, risk, loss or destruction. But, when God looked He found no one who would intercede for the nation. This was a bad situation for God and for the nation of Jerusalem. Our country America, who was blessed by God; not because of our people or because of our resources, it is because of our God. But, I am afraid America has for the most part turned its face and its heart from God. We are now reaping what we have sewn. Our only hope is God.

2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then they will hear from Heaven, and I will forgive their sins and will heal their land.

            These are the conditions that God has said in his word and it’s his promise that if we will do this then he will heal our land. America is only a great country because our God is great. We as a nation, I’m afraid, have told God we no longer need Him to guide us or protect us. But regardless God is a faithful Father who still loves us, and in his love and mercy, He is calling us to be gap people. To stand in the gap to pray for America. To hold America up in prayer. This is the greatest country and please lets pray Gods healing mercy and grace on this great country we call our home.                               Kay

A Love Letter for God Our Father on this Father’s Day

Dear Father God, Jehovah and Daddy,

On this special day on earth we call Father’s Day I would like to remember you my Heavenly Father, who has taught me, guided and instilled wisdom in me, my entire life. 

You have promised me countless times in your word and in my prayer time how much you love. You even went so far to show me how much you love by sending your only son.

Can I ask for anything else? I know I shouldn’t but I always do. As any good Father does, you do what you feel is right and always for my good.

You have always been there for me every day of my life, no matter what I was going through good times or bad times you where there.

This written letter is to thank you for being my Father. I have been blessed by being one of your children. Even though you have countless children I thank you for your undivided attention. And I thank you for always treating me as if I where your only child whenever I talk to you.

Happy Father’s Day God!!!                                               Kay

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