Shaire Center is pleased to announce the results of the COVID-19 tests performed in our facility by the Caldwell County Health Department on 7/29/2020 were all negative.  This includes all residents tested as well as staff members.  

Please continue to observe appropriate infection control practices such as:

●Washing your hands;

●Covering your cough and sneezes;

●Maintaining an appropriate social distance of at least six (6) feet;

●Not shaking hands or otherwise having physical contact with others;

●If you are ill or feeling under the weather, please self-quarantine immediately. 


Protecting the wellbeing of our residents and staff, remain our highest priority. We appreciate your help and understanding during this unprecedented time and situation. 


Finally, please be assured that despite the challenges we all face, we will continue to live our mission by continuing to: 



Shaire Center is a strong organization because we believe in and strive to glorify our GOD by:*appreciating our employees and giving them opportunities to grow*honoring our elderly and giving them the best care possible*acknowledging that all people are created not only equal, but each uniquely special *believing that selfless determination, hard work, and the devoted commitment of a caring servant's heart can bring about good for others*believing in our efforts to reach out by giving help to those in need*striving for the highest standards of integrity in every area of our resident's lives.  At Shaire Center a commitment means giving your word. And we believe in honoring our commitment to our residents, their families, our employees, our community, and our GOD.


Thank you for your patience, support and prayers during this time. Please contact Shaire with any questions (828) 728-6500.




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Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right Skilled Nursing Facility for yourself or a loved one can be an overwhelming experience that you shouldn’t have to undertake on your own. Take a look at our list of most frequently asked questions, and please get in touch if you have any other questions or concerns that aren’t addressed.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us with the link below.


Questions to ask when Choosing a Facility

Is the facility as clean as you set your personal standards?

Is the facility free of unpleasant odors?

Does the facility have a written description of clients rights and responsibilities? If so, ask for a copy.

Does the facility have an advanced directives policy?

Are clients and families involved in developing their own plan?

Does the facility provide services for terminally ill clients and their families?

Does the facility have an Alzheimer's disease program?

Does the facility have a rehabilitation program?

Does the staff show interest in, affection, and respect for individual clients?

Is staff courteous?

Does the staff interact respectfully and in a friendly manner with other staff?

Is the administrator available to answer questions, hear complaints, or discuss problems?

Does the facility have a current license from the state?

If needed by the individual, is the facility certified to provide Medicare and Medicaid coverage?

Does the home have a formal quality assurance ?

Is the facility convenient for frequent visits of family and friends?

Is the facility near a cooperating hospital where the patient's personal physician practices?

Are all the services the client requires covered in the basic daily charge? If not, is a list of specific services not covered in the basic rate available?

Are advanced payments returned if the client leaves the home?

Is a physician available in an emergency?

Are personal physicians allowed?

Is regular medical attention assured?

Are medical records and plans of care kept?

Are clients and families involved in plans for treatment?

Is confidentiality of medical records assured?

Are other medical services (dentists, podiatrist, optometrist) available?

Will the clients' personal physician be notified in an emergency?

Does the facility periodically report to the client's personal physician?

Does the home have an arrangement with a nearby hospital?

Is emergency transportation readily available?

Does the facility make accommodations for holding beds when clients are hospitalized?

Are routine and emergency drugs available?

Does a pharmacist review client drug regimen?

Is a pharmacist available for staff and clients?

Is there a Physical Therapy program available under the direction of a qualified therapist?

Are services of an Occupational Therapist and Speech Pathologist available?

Are client preferences observed?

Are group and individual activities available?

Are clients encouraged to participate?

Are clients involved with the surrounding community?

Do volunteers work with clients?

Are outside trips planned?

Is a social worker available to assist clients and families?

Is the facility well lighted inside?

Is the facility free of hazards underfoot?

Are chairs sturdy and not easily tipped?

Are warning signs posted on freshly mopped floors?

Are handrails in hallways and grab bars in bathrooms?

Does the facility meet federal and/or state fire codes?

Are exits clearly marked and unobstructed?

Are written emergency evacuation plans posted with floor plans throughout the facility?

Are exit doors unlocked on the inside?

Are doors to stairways kept closed?

Do bedrooms open onto the hall?

Does each client's room have a window?

Are private rooms available?

Is there a privacy curtain for each bed?

Is there a nurse call bell by each bed?

Is there at least once comfortable chair per client?

Is there a clothes closet or separate set of drawers for each client?

Is there room for a wheelchair to maneuver in each room?

Is there easy access to each bed?

Are clients encouraged to decorate rooms with personal items such as pictures, crafts, etc?

Is the lobby atmosphere welcoming?

Is the furniture attractive and comfortable in the lobby?

Is there a bulletin board with the activities schedule?

Are certificates and licenses on display?

Are halls large enough for two wheelchairs to pass easily?

Do halls have hand grip railings?

Are halls well lighted?

Is the dining area attractive and inviting?

Are tables convenient for those in wheelchairs?

Are those in the dining room needing help receiving it?

Are rooms available for client activities?

Is equipment (such as games, easels, yarn) available?

Are rooms available for private visits with family and friends? Are toilets convenient to bedrooms?

Are toilets easy for a wheelchair client to use?

Is there a sink in each bathroom?

Are nurse call bells near each toilet?

Are hand grips on or near toilet?

Are the grounds easily accessed for the handicapped?

Is outdoor furniture available for clients and visitors?

Are arrangements made for clients for worship as they please?

Does the dietary manager plan menus for clients on special diets?

Are personal likes and dislikes taken into consideration?

Does the menu vary from meal to meal?

Are snacks available?

Is food delivered to clients unable or unwilling to eat in the dining room?

Does staff assist clients who need help with eating?

Is assistance in bathing and grooming available?

Are barbers and beauticians available?

Are basic personal laundry services available?

If you are selecting a nursing home for a loved one:

Are you:Involving this person in the choice?

Prepared to ease the client's transition to the facility by being with them on admission day and staying several hours to get them settled?

Ready to visit the client frequently and encourage friends to make visits?



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